Cocktail on BAr at Wind cries Mary in Victoria BC
Portrait of a woman in a yellow beret

Lillie Louise is a commercial, food & lifestyle photographer based in Victoria BC on Vancouver Island. She has been shooting professionally since 2006.

Drawn to colourful & airy compositions, her goal is to create photographs that are both authentic & natural.

Portrait of two women in jeans and white tee shirts
Portrait of a woman in a yellow beret
Beautiful coffee with tree design on the foam

Backstage Polaroids

In 2011 I joined the photo team for the Rifflandia Music Festival in Victoria. While I liked shooting bands on stage, what i really loved was to take polaroid portraits of musicians behind the scenes.

Jesse Roper @Rocktheshores

Sometimes there was a photo booth set up, other times i took their photo just before or after they took the stage. Often I had only 1-2 minutes with each subject.

Little Destroyer @backyardweekender

These images are a few of hundreds of polaroids i have tucked away, simple one off of a kind prints of the talented folks who have passed through this little city.

Peter of July Talk @backyardweekender

A few years later, the "polaroid" film i used was discontinued. Heartbroken, I bought as many boxes of film as i could and i still have a few boxes left.

Adrian of Towers and Trees @Vicfest

Most portraits I shoot on a mamiya rz67 with a polaroid back, and often i will use a Polaroid 600 se (otherwise known as the GOOSE).

Dan of the Dudes @rocktheshores

There's just something authentic and raw about a polaroid and the beautiful feeling of anticipation that goes with peeling a polaroid apart and waiting for a portrait to appear.

Jordan Cook of Reignwolf @rocktheshores

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